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Challenging the Status Quo.

Founder and President of TAG since 1990, Scott Levenson, is a nationally and internationally recognized Democratic political consultant. Scott started his career as an organizer and has built TAG into a leading progressive political consulting firm. 


Scott served as the lead advance person for Jesse Jackson’s Presidential Campaign in 1988. During the 1992 presidential primary season, Scott was hired by each of the presidential contenders and was responsible for a national voter project on behalf of The National Democratic Party, conducted in over 23 States. Scott also helped to organize the 1992 and 1996 Democratic National Convention. In New York, the firm ran Mark Green's 1993 successful race to become New York City's first elected Public Advocate, and from 1994 through 1999 Scott served as Chief of Operations for The Office of The Public Advocate of The City of New York. He also served as the Campaign Director for both Mr. Green's 1998 run for the US Senate and Ruth Messinger's campaign for Mayor of New York City in 1997.

Since then, Scott has represented hundreds of Congressional, Gubernatorial, State Senate, State Assembly and City Council candidates throughout New York. In 2011, he helped organize the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Riders through Tennessee. Hakeem Jeffries and Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Scott has also played a key role in New York City mayoral elections and was the force behind the New York City is Not for Sale campaign against Mayor Bloomberg and again against Christine Quinn. 

Beginning in 2017, Scott took on a 5 year pay parity fight against the City of New York alongside a longtime client CWA Local 1180 to address pay discrepancies in New York City’s municipal workforce for Black, Latino, and white employees, and between male and female employees.

More recently, Scott propelled Queens Borough President Donovan Richards to victory twice. First, in the June 2020 Primary for Queens Borough President race securing 35.78% of the vote, in what was a highly-contested, competitive race during unprecedented times, and again in 2021.

Scott is an industry expert on cannabis, previously serving as a Founder and COO of Tikun Olam USA, a medical cannabis company. He has also worked with numerous cannabis companies as an advisor on a wide range of topics from government relations and business development to media and advertising strategy. Most recently, he has influenced MWBE's gaining opportunities in the cannabis industry. 

Scott was instrumental in leading the strategy behind New York State’s Compassionate Care Act in 2014 and advising on adult-use legalization campaigns in multiple states.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Scott joined a team of experts to form C-Polar Technologies. C-Polar has developed a proprietary method to apply a non-toxic polymer onto HVAC filters. Studies have shown that C-Polar air filters remove 99% of life-threatening viruses including COVID-19 from indoor air. 

Scott is a commentator on New York City and national Democratic politics. He can be seen often on television, radio, podcasts, and private media.


Scott has been frequently recognized in City & State New York magazine's:

Top 100 Political Lobbyist

Queens Power 100

Top 75 Political Consultants

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